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Wholesale Catalog

Vancouver, BC

About the company

Innovative Kitchenware for Every Culinary Creation

Located in Vancouver, this wholesale company specializes in providing top-quality kitchen products to retailers across the nation. With a diverse range of items from cutting-edge cookware to elegant tableware, they cater to every culinary need. 

About the project


For this project, I had the pleasure of designing the wholesale catalog for their kitchen product line. My goal was to create a visually appealing and user-friendly catalog that highlights the quality and diversity of their offerings. The design features a clean, modern layout with high-resolution images that showcase each product in detail. The catalog is organized into sections, making it easy for retailers to find exactly what they need. Each page balances aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that the products are presented in the best possible light. The end result is a professional, engaging catalog that effectively communicates the value and appeal of their kitchen products to potential buyers.


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Your project, my expertise

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