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Kitchen Envy

Grande Prairie, AB

About the company

Essential Tools for Every Home Chef

Kitchen Envy is an online store dedicated to providing high-quality kitchen products that make culinary tasks easier and more enjoyable. From kitchen organization items and canning jars to utensils, cookware, and bakeware, Kitchen Envy offers a wide range of products to help you create an efficient and stylish kitchen.

About the project


For Kitchen Envy, I developed an engaging and user-friendly website that highlights their extensive range of kitchen products. The design focuses on easy navigation, high-quality images, and a seamless shopping experience, ensuring customers can effortlessly find and purchase the items they need. The site’s professional design enhances Kitchen Envy’s online presence and supports their goal of providing top-notch kitchen solutions.


To boost Kitchen Envy's online visibility, I implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy that improved their search engine rankings, with an SEO score of 85/100. By optimizing keywords, meta tags, and website content, I ensured that Kitchen Envy attracts more organic traffic. This optimization has led to higher visibility and increased customer engagement, helping more people discover Kitchen Envy’s fantastic kitchen products.


As part of my ongoing work with Kitchen Envy, I create cohesive and visually appealing graphic designs that reflect the brand’s identity. This includes designing promotional materials, product graphics, and social media content. These designs ensure that Kitchen Envy's visual communication is engaging and consistent, helping to attract and retain customers.


I manage Kitchen Envy's marketing and social media campaigns, developing and executing strategies to boost brand awareness and engagement. This involves creating content for social media platforms, running targeted advertising campaigns, and analyzing performance metrics. These efforts help Kitchen Envy connect with their audience, promote their products, and drive sales.


I implement and manage paid advertising campaigns for Kitchen Envy across platforms like Google Ads and social media channels. These targeted ads increase the store’s visibility, drive traffic to the website, and support sales efforts. Through strategic ad placements and continuous optimization, the paid advertising campaigns effectively enhance Kitchen Envy's reach and impact.


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Your project, my expertise

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