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Battle of the Seas

Grande Prairie, AB

About the company

Strategize, Battle, and Rule the Oceans​

"Battle of the Seas" is a captivating board game created by a local resident of Grande Prairie. This strategic pirate-themed game immerses players in high-seas adventure, requiring them to navigate treacherous waters, engage in ship battles, and seek hidden treasures. The game's intricate design and engaging gameplay promise an exciting experience for board game enthusiasts.

About the project


For "Battle of the Seas", I crafted a dynamic promotional video that captures the excitement and adventure of the board game. The video highlights key gameplay elements, stunning graphics, and the engaging pirate theme, all while telling a compelling story that draws viewers in. Utilizing high-quality visuals and an energetic soundtrack, the video effectively showcases the game's features and appeals to potential backers, making it a crucial tool in the game's marketing strategy.


I meticulously set up the Kickstarter campaign for "Battle of the Seas", ensuring all essential elements were in place to attract and engage potential backers. This involved creating compelling campaign content, including detailed descriptions, reward tiers, and stretch goals. The setup also featured eye-catching visuals and the promotional video to provide a comprehensive overview of the game. By optimizing the campaign layout and information, I aimed to maximize visibility and support for the project.


To promote the Kickstarter for "Battle of the Seas", I developed and launched a targeted advertising campaign. This campaign utilized various digital marketing strategies, including social media ads, search engine marketing, and display ads, to reach a wide audience of board game enthusiasts and potential backers. By focusing on strategic ad placements and engaging content, the advertising campaign successfully drove traffic to the Kickstarter page, increasing visibility and funding opportunities for the game.


Abstract Lines

Your project, my expertise

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